Testimonials from Parents, Coaches, and Players

After our previous season, my son's attitude toward football was negative. He used to love playing, but now he was acting like he didn't even want to sign up again. We couldn't get his reasons out of him. After doing a little research, I found an article about why kids quit and it suggested that it might be a lack of meshing with the coach and teammates, and I saw a reference to your site. Well, together my son and I filled out the expectations for what he wanted in his team, the kind of coach, how much he would commit to practicing, etc. from your site. It became clear that the attributes he wanted in a coach were nearly the opposite of his previous coach. The service worked great, and my son is happy with his new team.

Angie (Mom)

What a great way to alleviate the stress of finding a new team. Thank you! You helped make last season memorable for my son...and, frankly, bearable for me too!

Kathleen (Mom)

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm finally on a winning team!

Brady (Player)

Dude, no way! This site is fresh! A team finder that I can use to find a coach and other players who share my passion for select baseball, but who don't turn into haters when someone makes an error? Really cool!

David (Player)

This is really good for select players looking to get to the next level and for those aiming for a different experience than rec leagues (and even tournament teams who don't take it seriously). It worked really well for me and my friends who switched elite teams this Fall. I know that being on a good elite team helped me gain experience and confidence to become a starter on my high school softball team as a freshman.

Katie (Player)