Safety Tips Cares About Your Safety.

Be Aware of Fraud

While not common at because of our paid memberships, the Internet has scores of fraudsters.


- Do Not provide personal or financial information with people you don’t know.


- Do Not send money to anyone you meet.  Some tryouts legitimately charge money (e.g. hockey teams who must pay for ice time), but this is rare.  Use caution if someone asks you for money before it makes sense, especially by wire transfer.  


- Do Not give out your credit card number or bank info to another member.


- Do Not share your personal info, such as SSN, address, phone, or times when you will/won't be home.


Report any suspicious activity or behavior to us immediately.  



Be Mindful of Your Personal Information

Act with caution when communicating with any stranger who wants to meet you or your child.  You must remain in complete control of your experience, and we suggest you remain anonymous until you feel comfortable.  Listen to your instincts.  


Use the features available through to protect your anonymity.


Don’t share your name, number, home address, place of work, or any other identifying information until you are comfortable in trusting the other party with that information. Do not post personal contact information in your profile or username that you wouldn't want the general public to see.


When you access your account from a public or shared computer, be sure to log off before leaving. 



Be Mindful of Your (and Your Child's) Physical Safety

Take appropriate precautions when meeting someone new.  Use your best judgment and listen to your instincts.


Do a little Internet research on the person you are going to unite with prior to meeting them offline.  Many teams have their own websites or further information can be found on websites for leagues they play in.  Search bulletin boards for concerning information.


Always meet in public.


Never let your child out of your sight until/unless you completely trust that person. Even then, be extremely cautious.  SelectandUnite does not check the backgrounds, nor can it control the behavior, of its members or any associates of members.



Keep the Community Clean

Please notify us if you become aware or suspicious of members who violate our Terms of Use.  

Examples include:

 - Inappropriate pictures in their profiles

 - Offensive or abusive communications

 - Fraudulent registration or profiles

 - Spam or solicitations of money/donations/products