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Yes, you definitely can. Click on My Account to go to your dashboard and follow the links to add another profile for your family member living in your same household.

Yes, although it's not our focus at this point in time, so there are limited members seeking adult sports. But even if we don’t have much coverage in your area, the database gets bigger daily. Like us on facebook. Some of our communities started with a grassroots effort like this. Obviously this is something that interests you, so contact us with your zip code, sport, age and gender—we’ll do our best to keep you informed.

We have thousands of members and add new members daily. Check the homepage to see how many we have in your area and join now.

Your web browser must be configured to accept cookies to use the site. If you are trying to login, but are redirected back to the login screen, you may need to make some changes to your cookies settings. For help, please go to the login screen, and click the appropriate link for the browser you are using under the yellow "Having trouble logging in?" heading.

1. Login to your account

2. Click on the profile or activity you wish to delete

3. At the bottom of the edit page click on the red "delete profile" or "delete activity" box

Obviously you are not the first person to express this sort of concern. We didn't create the culture that exists in youth sports today, nor did we lead society in this direction. is the logical extension to sports from sites we know and use every day in other parts of our lives--think of,,, etc. In fact, was partly inspired by a coach who was looking all over for kids to fill his rec league baseball team after a couple kids left for a select team right before the season started. The coach wasn't looking to recruit kids away from other teams, but rather he was simply trying to replace two of his best players so the rest of the team wouldn't suffer through a losing season. If you want to discuss this further, please check out our blog and send us a comment.

You will get the player's contact information, including email and phone number, if provided. You might not get the player's name, until after you have contacted the parent or guardian.

Please edit your profile to indicate that you no longer want to be contacted. Please remember, this will keep your profile out of search results, and you may miss out on opportunities.

Yes! Check us out on facebook, follow us on Twitter @selectandunite, and check out our blog.

Yes, exactly.  We do it for everyone.  Quit spending hours searching message boards, bothering friends, and generally worrying so much about finding the "right" team.  That's what we're here for.  Outsource your worry to us!  You won't find a more efficient way to find a new team or players that meet your specifications.

You came to the perfect site! helps new movers by introducing them to like-minded coaches in their new area. If you are a coach, and you're looking to build a new team for your child, can help! Check the homepage to see how many members we have in your area and join now.

Don’t worry. Members join daily. Plus, we will retain your profile information and search criteria in our secure database, and we notify you for free when other, potential matches join our community!

Just about any kind that you can think of.  Rec, academy, club, house, travel, select, regional, national, etc.  The exact types of teams you will find will be based on the criteria you set when you become a member, but the majority of coaches/teams come from the following…

Baseball:  American Amateur Baseball Congress (Connie Mack, Mantle, Koufax, etc.), Connie Mack World Series, American Amateur Youth Baseball Alliance, American Legion Baseball, Babe Ruth League Baseball (Cal Ripken), Cal Ripken League, Continental Amateur Baseball Association, Dixie Youth Baseball, Dixie  Boys Baseball Inc. Majors, Dizzy Dean Baseball, Little League Baseball, Men's Senior Baseball League / Men's Adult Baseball League, National Adult Baseball Association, National Amateur Baseball Federation (NABF), National Baseball Congress, Pony Baseball, T-Ball USA Association, USSSA Baseball, AAU Baseball …PLUS area travel teams and local leagues.

Softball:  Amateur Softball Association, Dixie Softball, Dizzy Dean Softball, Babe Ruth League Softball, International Senior Softball Association, Little League Softball, National Softball Association, Pony Softball, USSSA Fast Pitch Softball, USSSA Slow Pitch Softball, Women's Fast-Pitch Softball Association, AAU Softball…PLUS area travel teams and local leagues.

Basketball:  Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Boys Basketball, Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Girls Basketball, American Roundball Corporation, Basketball Congress International, Texas Basketball Inc., Mid-American Youth Basketball, USSSA Basketball, YMCA…PLUS area travel teams and local leagues.

Flag Football:  US Flag & Touch Football USFTL, USSSA Flag Football, NFL Flag Football, AAU Flag Football…PLUS area travel teams and local leagues.

Tackle Football:  All American Youth Football and Cheer, American Football Association (AFA) Semi-Pro, Indian Nations Youth Football, USA Football (NFL), Pop Warner Football, AAU Tackle Football…PLUS area travel teams and local leagues.

Soccer:  American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), Soccer Association for Youth, US Youth Soccer Association, USSSA Soccer, AAU Soccer…PLUS area clubs, academies, travel teams and local leagues.

Hockey:  USA Hockey Inc., AAU Hockey, American Collegiate Hockey Association, North Texas Hockey League…PLUS area clubs, travel teams and local house leagues.

Lacrosse:  USSSA Lacrosse, AAU Lacrosse, US Lacrosse…PLUS area clubs, travel teams and local leagues. specializes in recreational, academy, house, and select teams in baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, football (flag and tackle), volleyball, lacrosse, and hockey.  We add more when our members request it. started in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and has been expanding rapidly to other areas in Texas, California, New York, Florida, Illinois and beyond! Demand drives our efforts to cover more of the country. The best way to find a team looking for players, or players looking for teams, is to become a member of SelectandUnite and get your profile on our searchable database. Even if we don’t have much coverage in your area, the database gets bigger daily. Then Like us on Facebook. Some of our communities started with a grassroots effort like this. If you don't want to wait, contact us with your zip code, sport, age and gender—we’ll push harder to enter your area and keep you informed of our progress.

You will get their name, contact information, email and phone if provided, and the team name.

Sorry about that. We are working to add new sports when there is enough interest. Please contact us with the sport, your zip code, age and gender and we'll see what we can do.

Privacy and Security

No, Select and Unite does not perform a background check on coaches, organizations, or anybody.  It is your responsibility to inquire about and/or research backgrounds.  Many organizations do perform background checks on their coaches, but again verification is your responsibility.  Please read our safety tips.

We have a strict privacy policy to protect your child’s information.  We do not require you to enter your child’s personal identifying information except for a birth date.  While we give you the option to make your information available to other members, it is always your choice if you wish to make contact or share additional information with another member.  We recommend for you to use caution and to be discreet with your personal information at all times.

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Social and Community

Using the Service

If you are a member who is creating a player profile, you are not required to enter the player's name.  However, if you are a coach or league commissioner, you must provide your name.