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Are you a coach looking for players?

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About Select and Unite

SelectandUnite.com allows you to target specific criteria for the coach, team, or player you are seeking. Search our database, SELECT the members that best meet your expectations, then UNITE with them. Simple. And it only takes a few minutes.

Eliminate the guesswork, time, and stress.

No more mismatched expectations or lost seasons with the wrong team! Enter your criteria, and find your match! Even if you don't find a match today, we continuously monitor our vast database and we'll alert you when there's a new match to your criteria! You spend so much time and money on equipment, lessons, and travel... make sure you spend it with the right people!

We are here to help your family enjoy youth sports.

Select and Unite, LLC was formed in 2012 to help form successful relationships between youth coaches and athletes and parents of youth athletes. Based in McKinney, Texas, our company is led by executives with experience in areas such as e-commerce, managing secure databases, sports, and customer service. They are also parents, coaches, mentors, and athletes themselves.

SelectandUnite.com was started because the executives know what it’s like to waste a sports season because their children didn’t learn the proper technique from the coach, the coach let kids goof around in practice, or the coach was either too focused on winning or not concerned enough with playing well and winning.

With Select and Unite, time is saved in finding the right match for kids and parents. Parents are less stressed and young athletes are happier and have a more positive experience with their coach and team.

SelectandUnite.com was also started because the executives know what it’s like to be a coach trying to form and keep good teams together. Every season they’d have some kids that mesh and wanted to stay together, but filling out the rest of the team with the right kids was always time consuming and hit-or-miss. Tryouts assess only the athlete’s talents…not the level of commitment that the kids and family have to the team.

Mismatched expectations can result in parents being upset with coaches for things such as too little playing time, too much yelling, too much focus on winning, etc. Or, from a coach’s perspective, those mismatched expectations can result in coaches being upset with parents and athletes for things like not showing up for practices, failure to volunteer help, lack of commitment to the team, etc.

SelectandUnite.com was created to avoid these headaches.

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Here at Select and Unite we not only want to help you, but we want to hear from you. If you or someone in your family has ever had a poor experience with a coach, athlete or parent that could have been avoided by using SelectandUnite.com, we would like to hear your story.

If SelectandUnite.com has been successful in helping you, we would also love to hear from you.

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